Why Should You NOT Learn Martial Arts?

In terms of martial arts, people will have varying views and opinions. Those who aren’t aware and educated about such topics are usually the ones who provide the most destructive opinions. This is mainly because they just lack apathy and knowledge. Their ignorance makes it a lot challenging to explain and reach. People like this are usually those who won’t be able to know the essence of martial arts, even if they must. Here are the reasons why they must never learn Washington DC Chinese martial arts

Anticipating rapid results in very limited time 

Some believe that they can really obtain a black belt just within 3 months and ultimately master such art within a short span of time. Regardless if it is just their way of thinking or foolishness, what reasonable person can possibly believe that they can do that? When in reality, most of the trainees quit even before they start training. If this is the thinking that you have in the first place, then you need to step out.  


The worst kinds of people are those with ego. Their attitude is what makes them be the worst. They either believe that they are better than everybody in class or they just believe that they are more knowledgeable than the teacher. What usually stops them from really learning something is their superiority complex.  

Lack of discipline 

Some people who really pushed themselves to attend to martial arts session, however, they won’t stick to it for a long time for them to see some improvements. Most of the time, the reason behind such a habit is the lack of discipline.  

Lack of motivation 

Nearly all people who intend to train any type of martial arts come with a purpose and goal. It could either to get fit, lose weight, gain self-confidence, empowering themselves, or even to help their society.  They did not just wish for, they really made efforts just to achieve what they want. But to those people who always say that they really want to learn martial arts for almost several years already and still did nothing, maybe that’s just how far they will go. Sure, they want to learn it but at the same time, they also don’t act upon it even if they just live a few blocks from a martial arts club.  

Lack of physical fitness 

People get involve in martial arts to become fit, however, there are just people who aren’t willing to do something when it comes to their physical fitness. If such unfit individuals are informed about getting in shape or working out, they usually run away from it or just provide several excuses. These are the ones who must never attempt to learn martial arts because they just do not naturally have the passion and willingness in them. 


Uneducated people are extremely out of touch about the fact that when something new comes in, they usually shrug it off right away. Also, they are not willing to open themselves to learn something new. 

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